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All Those Matters of the Heart
There are so many things that matter to the heart so I´ve created a special subject to deal specifically with them. You just can´t pay too much attention to Matters of the Heart now can you?

Keeping the lines of communication open isn´t always easy but it is certainly important in all relationships.

One and one equals two but that is not necessarily a couple. A couple is two people who are connected in a relationship in all the ways that allow communication and closeness to grow.

Family Ties
Family Ties exist through generation after generation and the relationships between family members are always present even throughout time and space.

There are some friendships that last a lifetime, and those that are fleeting. They are all important and all touch life in special ways. There are social friends, best friends forever and bro´s foreve

Karma can be explained and described in many ways. According to in Hinduism and Buddhism it is seen as actions bringing upon oneself inevitable results, good or bad, in this life or in

Keep On Singing - Song Lyrics
Song Lyrics often get to the root of our emotions. Sometimes they hit the nail right on the head. On any given day a song can sum up exactly how you feel; but feelings change with what happens day by

Keepin It Real - Life, Love, Money and More
Most people want to have a life that includes lots of love, lots of money, and lots of whatever their heart desires; but in reality we usually can´t have everything so we have to keep Keepin It Real!

Keepin It Real - Politics Now and You
We the people - all have a relationship with our country. As it is with all relationships that gives us rights, expectations, responsibilities and opportunities.

Mantras For Your Relationships
A Mantra is a chant repeated to help one stay balanced or to help one stay focused on certain tasks or outcomes. Some people even think of their mantras as an unseen lucky charm always with them.

Mash Ups & All About It´s
Mash-Ups & All About It is a collection of articles that are facts that are all about particular assorted individual topics and their connection to your relationships.

Relationships and Holidays
Relationships with Holidays and everything that comes along with them can sometimes be very significant in people lives.

Relationships of Life Site
Click here for updates related to the Relationships Site and Site Specific Information.

Reviews - Books, Novels and Movies & Stage Shows
Relationships consume our attention in real life and in books, on screens and on stages. Of course, some of them are better than others and we remember them forever.

Self-Help Relationship - Be Your Own Best Friend
If you were your own best friend what would you say to yourself?

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